Family Protection Group, LLC (FPG) provides “real-world” violent encounter mitigation training for  civilians. Our students consist of departments, organizations and everyday people who have made a conscience decision to take an active role in their personal and their co-workers’ safety and protection. At FPG , we believe the best confrontation is the one that does not happen, therefore “situational awareness” and “mind-set” are focal points of our classes. Today’s society is becoming more and more violent. Innocent civilians are becoming victims to this violence much too often.

We teach easy-to-learn, yet proven and very effective, techniques so our students WIN their violent confrontation; should it happen to them. Surviving a violent confrontation is not enough; we teach our students to PREVAIL in a violent confrontation. The tactics and techniques we teach were passed along to us from the top instructors in their fields and are what we feel are the best and most up-to-date methods of self-protection at this time. At FPG, we are dedicated to adjust our curriculum to keep our training always on the cutting edge. Interaction and participation from our students on their life-experiences or questions provide us a “training opportunity” to tailor each class to its students.